Sans titreds

Story of my life:Edit

I've been lurking on the Hetaween 2011 and decide to join for the Bloodbath 2011. That was a really good decision!

I'm not in school anymore, my work is often boring even if I work on the famous Champs-Elysées! I live with my agressive cat and my sister.

Personnality and interests:Edit

I'm a really lazy person. I'm not feminine at all and I hate clothes shopping. I don't speak (write) often but I read everything and even at work where I can't write on the comm, I'm here, reading what's going on.

I love History, reading (books or mangas), playing videos games (mostly RPG), watching series and films, internet, stay on my couch at home. I love watching LPs on YT, especially PewDiePie and Diablox9.

On the fandomly:Edit

I'm the only french left, but I'm not the "France" of the comm. I'm the plant. I don't have a big role because I don't participate at all the "Steve war" and the "anon game". And because I don't speak (write) often. Mostly because it's hard for me to play or write quickly without a translator. And because I'm bad at RP.

In the Fandomly Cardverse, I'm the past Queen of Diamonds.

OTP and favorite character:Edit

The shipping is a sensitive subject since I used to be an history-nerd without any shipping. But the fandomly made me change my mind and now, as you can guess, I ship. But I'm not yet really comfortable with this idea. Here's the pairings: Gerita, Spamano, PruAus, FrUK, USUK, RusAm, LietPol, etc... and some crack pairings, I'm not sectarian. As long as it's not in the canon-verse, I can ship worldxworld!

Since the characters are countries, it's hard to have a "favorite". I tend to see the real country and his politic and history before his representation in the serie. Because of that, if I need to name a character, I will say: France, because it's my country.

Others fandoms:Edit

I'm active only in the Hetalia fandom. But I love:

-Sherlock (BBC, but the original books too)

-Afterschool Charisma (manga)

-Final Fantasy (videos games serie)

-Eternal Sonata/Trusty Bell (favorite video game ever)

-Mylène Farmer (french singer)

-and some others things...

That's all my lovelies! ~ '*hugs* ~ '*brofist*