Fandomly Little Killers AUEdit

Based off the Hetalia Fanfiction of Seven Little Killers by Lucky-Angel135.

Under construction

How did it come about?Edit

The idea was originally Yuri's, and it was due to Rabbit suggesting someone to be a killer (We will not reveal who the killers are; if you were around to see it, then you know one of the killers now.) that the whole idea sparked. Yuri then brought it up on the Skype group and half of those who were online agreed to it and helped with part of the planning.


  • Killer Yellow
  • Killer Green
  • Killer Purple
  • Killer Pink
  • Killer Red
  • Killer Blue
  • Killer Orange

There is also one member who is helping the killers from the background. There will possibly be more.

The killers wear masks based on their colours and have Steve-like eyes on it.

How are we going to find out the Killers?Edit

Yuri and a few other Skype members will be working on the fic, and so the chapters will slowly release and those not involved will have to guess.

You guess, they said. It'll be fun, they said.