Feels Curse
Torture Curse

Drawn by Turtle

"You just can't handle the feels..."

Personification of looking at things that torture your feels
Also called Marisha
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthday 8 March 1993
Nationality Russian
Height N/A
Accent Russian
Obsession Others' pain
Position Right where it hurts
Style Sadistic
Favourite Victims Everyone; She spares no one

This is the personification that causes people to look at things that will definitely get them upset or angry. It's almost like self torture except that you can't stop when Feels Curse is around. Only a small few have the power to resist her power and ignore the temptation to look at things that you know is only going to ruin your day. Otherwise when she's around, expect many tears or rage to follow. Logic is usually forgotten in her presence, so it's near impossible to attempt being rational around her.

History of the PersonificationEdit

After coming back from looking at stupid OCs that were making her cringe, Colorpen was wondering if there was a curse for that. When told there wasn't she suggested that there should be as many members tend to go looking at things thay makes them feel horrible afterwards. So this page got created.

When first suggested, she was named Torture Curse as she tortures other's feels. However, due to members taking it to mean something else when they first saw the curse and some people suggesting Feels Curse as an alternate name, her name was eventually changed.


She's a woman of furs, silks and leather. She's fond of fashion and likes to keep herself up to date in the latest fashions. Though most of what she has needs to always have something of the above materials mentioned. She also tends to dress in things that are tight, with only her furs making her clothing bigger than it really is. Any shoes she has must have a nice high heel. Casual clothes are not an option for her, everything she wears must be formal wear.


At first look, she appears to have a flirty and charismatic disposition. There is something about her that makes others want to listen to her. So she easily can find people that want to talk to her. However, underneath that she's a cold and calculating person who enjoys seeing others in pain. It's amusing to her to see someone cry or rage over something she deems to be stupid, and strong feelings towards a fictional world is definitely something stupid in her eyes. She doesn't understand why anyone would care so much over something that isn't real so she thinks it's silly for anyone else to do so.



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