Internet Connection Curse
IC Curse head and body

Drawn by Turtle

"I will take your internet... And disconnect it!"

Personification of Internet connection dying
Also called IC Curse, InterConnection
Gender Male
Age 21
Birthday December 21 1992
Nationality E(pic)stonian
Height 177.8 cm/5 feet 10 inches
Accent Estonian
Obsession The Internet
Position N/A
Style Derpy
Favourite Victims Mik, Polka, Turtle, Ven

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If you lost your connection to your Internet, it is very likely that this Curse is behind this. He often derps out and visits Fandomly members (most notably his favourite victims) and unplugs their cables to the Internet.


IC Curse was at first suggested by Ven when her Internet was constantly cutting off on her. Not much attention was brought to the idea, but eventually the Wikia page was made for him.


IC Curse wears thick-rimmed glasses. He has short brown hair with green eyes. He has a very neat appearance and often wears a black trechcoat over his clothes. Although his appearance does become dishevelled when he loses his glasses.


-He's probably the clumsiest and most unathletic thing to grace the planet. – Turtle

Meh he's probably the stoic type since internet disconnections can sneak up on you... And he probably can't do anything athletic and derps when he tries too hard like the internet – Turtle

I imagine him to be scary but certainly not physically strong XD Somehow I imagine IC being comically serious and probably hangs around RL a lot but can't stand Poof... Or can't stand people in general... - Turtle


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Fabulous Curse

Real Life Curse

Seme Curse


Gamer Curse

IC Curse enjoys cutting off Gamer's Internet right at her most important point of her games that requires Internet. While IC Curse finds it hilarious to do, it has angered Gamer Curse to the point where their relationship has turned into a one-sided hate.

Poofing Curse


IC Curse likes plugging out Ven's Internet, just for the sake of stealing the Epicstonian sparkles from her.


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