Movie Curse

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Personification of disappearing to watch a movie
Also called Pelli
Gender Male
Age N/A
Nationality N/A
Height N/A
Accent N/A
Obsession Movies
Position In front of the TV
Style N/A
Favourite Victims Gemma

So there's a movie that you must see. It's so intriguing that you end up forgetting everything else and leave the comm.




He is at first sight a friendly and outgoing person, always happy to watch a movie with anyone. However it doesn't take long to realise that he's had a spoilt upbringing, usually needing to see every movie that exists no matter what. He's also not so fond of sharing his seat after claiming the perfect seat for his movie watching. Be wary if you ever try to take his seat. Regardless of that, he's very easy to talk to and befriend otherwise.

There is not a movie in the world that he hasn't seen, in any language, and even the dubbed versions. While he's a sucker for awesome filmography and may prefer to watch something that looks well done, he likes all movies. It would be rare to find a movie that he doesn't enjoy, including movies that generally have bad reviews or recepted badly.

Favourite food is popcorn.



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