Commsona drawn by Pink_Cass

Lives in

The Philippines
Other names

Polka, Dani, N̶O̶ ̶P̶O̶K̶



Birthday October 25th
Favourite Character Russia



The resident Russophile and "Accent Spazzer", Polka spends almost all of her time lurking, sometimes posting random thoughts, on the comm and being distracted. She is one of the few who survives the dead hours, AKA "Asian hours", of the comm, and usually tries to liven up the threads by spamming the weather, mostly because she cannot get over how bipolar Western weather is compared to Southeast Asian weather. She will forever believe that 30ºC/86ºF is the most perfect temperature ever in existence known to man.

Despite being a Filipino, she has not eaten balut, and does not have any plans to eat one.


Part of the Asian Spazzers Trio, she can sometimes be seen spazzing on Skype when she is not lurking on the comm. She (always) frequently spazzes over accents, most especially Spanish and British ones, earning her the title of "Accent Spazzer", as coined by Ven. She is currently going through an accent withdrawal, seeing as she hasn't heard British nor Spanish accents in quite some time.


Comm BFF - TinaBanina96

Long lost twin sister - GlassesRinK

Neighbors - All of the Southeast Asians on the comm.

NO POK partner - Ven

Sisters - Boo_sagara, Yanderenka

Role in the FandomlyEdit

She is also that one hobo down the street who stalks all of the nations and fandomly members in a Belarus-like fashion. Legit.

Role in the Steve WarsEdit

Polka prefers not to interfere with the combatants fighting against Steve; she would rather prefer to watch them instead. She did, however, help the Lieutenant General, Ven, develop one of her viruses: Balut virus.

Pairings She SupportsEdit

Polka generally ships anything and everything that catches her interest, but here are some of the pairings she likes the most aside from her OTPs:

  • America/Belarus
  • France/England
  • Polka/Russian songs
  • Romania/Bulgaria
  • Russia/Canada
  • South/North
  • Spain/Romano
  • Sweden/Finland
  • Ulquiorra/Orihime
    • Oh wait, wrong fandom

Other FandomsEdit

  • Bleach
  • Pokemon (Games)
  • Project MBTI
    • What do you mean, this isn't a fandom?
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! (Games)

Random TriviaEdit

  • Bloodbath 2011 is her first event, lurking and delurking.
    • She delurked just before New Year's.
  • She is an ISTJ and a Type 6 according to the MBTI and Enneagram, respectively.
  • As of March 23, 2012, 3:45PM GMT+8, the song Роман (Roman) by Винтаж (Vintazh) has 2967 plays on her iTunes.
    • She hopes it will reach over 9000 plays soon.
      • In fact, it did reach 9000 plays on August 23rd at 10:31PM.