Lives in A mysterious land, filled with lots of Sauerkraut and Würste
Other names Random (mainly used by Rabbit)


Age A bit too young to be a fandomly member
Favourite Character She loves all of the characters very dearly
OTPs USUK, Spamano, GerIta, SuFin, PruHun and many, many, many others

That creepy, weird kid, (that somehow nobody knows) who lurks behind trees with a camera and sticks pictures of Steve on the houses. She pops up from time to time in random houses, but just ignore her. She can't pick locks though.

-Commasona Personality

(Commasona picture will be available soon)


Colorpen joined the Fandomly after having a particularly bad day in November/December and having lurked through the Halloween Event 2011 and during the start of the Christmas Event.


Daughter of sticky_ricepop, thus greatgrandchild of Rabbit, emsiecat, grandchild of Vice Cap, grandniece of Panda and niece of KateLion7. Married to Mik and loving mother of cakeswithfaces3, tweaksy and soffi_n with darkrai_lol as the family's pet sheep and mistspinner as their chef pastry dog. She has many other relatives, too many to count though...

Role in the fandomlyEdit

Colorpen is an active member in the fandomly and one of the four hosts (The others being Gnortaku, Acrossai and gimme_a_fish) of HetaCast, the Hetalia!Podcast. SHE REALLY LIKES TO USE CAPS LOCKS and does credit to her name by being incredibly random, silly and pretty cracktastic at times. Being kind-of-not-really-German and a huge HetaOni fan (that just happens to kind-of-somewhat-like Steve) she like her closet a lot. Represents America in the Hetalia!World=Fandomly theory and thus uses smilies like 8DDDDDDDD a lot. Because she's constantly socially awkwards and "epic fails" often you'll be able to see the emoticons OTL and |D very often.

Role in the Steve warsEdit

Due to school and time zones, Colorpen keeps missing the infamous Steve wars, (a fact that makes her incredibly upset, since Colorpen is a huge HetaOni fan), thus being part of the Star Fleet.

Despite that, she built a Safe Room (due to being kind-of-not-really-German) and fighting with a whip that seems rather worn of use.

Other fandomsEdit

Pokemon (Not quite a fan of it anymore but- once a fan forever a fan)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Soul Eater

Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji


And serveral others, them being so small and unimportant that Colorpen won't mention them