Singer Curse

The original design by Ven.

"Let's get down to business..."

Personification of Song spamming
Also called Cho
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday 27th July 1997
Nationality Korean
Height 163 cm/5 ft 4in
Verbal Habit Everything is said in song
Obsession Songs
Position Everywhere on the thread
Style Gangnam
Favourite Victims Cure

The thread is too quiet and suddenly you have a song you want to sing. However, instead of singing it to yourself to decide to share it with the comm and start to spam the thread with your singing. This Curse is behind it all.

She doesn't appear to be a curse at first, but when someone starts to song spam eventually others will start. It'll continue, stopping conversation from going on. Those not affected by the curse will begin to get annoyed by it. Thus a bit of fun this curse has convinced you into doing has made several people upset, ruining the original fun of it.

History of the PersonficicationEdit

During one of the dead hours of the thread, after mention of there needing to be two new curses Ven was inspired to draw up them up. The Singer Curse was one of them.


Her style is wild and made to stand out. She usually dresses like a Vocaloid. Other than that there is a notably girly theme to her wardrobe.


She's a cheerful personification that loves to sing and dance. Always hanging around with others, she's very playful and loves to be around those she can consider her friends. She's also talkative, easily striking up conversations with anyone. Silence is not something she can stand for long. Whenever it feels it's been too quiet to her for too long, she'll start to sing to break it. It doesn't matter what the song is and what language it's in, she'll sing it.

Unfortunately for a singer, she's not as great as she believes. Her singing voice is - at best - average. Though she's too stubborn to admit she's not the best, deep down she jealous of all those fandomly members who sing better than her. Singing to her is treated more like a fun thing to do every once in a while, so she doesn't practice as much as she should.

While she can be a bit brash towards others and her honesty can lead to her saying the wrong things, she is very feminine. Though don't assume because she's girly that you can overlook her. She's very opinionated and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. Because of this, she often speaks inappropriately when in the presence of someone she can't tolerate.


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