Sne joined the Hetalia nation in the fall of 2010, and has been a loyal citizen to it ever since. She lurked althoughout the Christmas 2010/New Years 2011 event, and every event after it. Finally, Sne delurked during the first thread of the Christmas 2011/2012 Event.

Fandomly Role:

Sne_stjerne is one of the elder aunts of the fandom family, and will loving pass out hug to all those that need them. She is *extremely* fond of the Nordic nations and the North American brothers (USA and Canada). She loves to spontaneously spam fanart and GIFs, especially if it helps someone feel better.

Sne is also notorious for spamming the flags of OC nations (especially the flags of Scotland and Israel), as she really, really wants to see new characters.

Fandomly Relationships:

Mother - Blackrabbit9

Siblings - Bookbug5, Mariabloodwell, Pandafan332, gimme_a_fish, and Oozora-chan.

Children - ichii_lemoncat, mint_mint_bunny, tinabanina96 and loulybob

Role in the Steve Wars:

Sne has many magical spells ready for the Steves, but also carries more traditional weapons, too. Her favorite method of attack is to openly fire at Steve(s) repeatedly then fall back to a higher ground for fighting.


Sne ships many, many pairings (including several Canon/OC and OC/OC couples). Among her noted ships are:

• America/Belarus

• Iceland/Liechtenstein

• Spain/Belgium

• Hong Kong/Taiwan

• Canada/Ukraine