Made by Unnamed Member

"We are clam!"

Personification of the thread
Also called Marina Waters
Gender Female
Age N/A
Nationality Atlantian
Height Clam height
Accent N/A
Obsession Posts
Position All
Style Clammy
Favourite Victims Everyone

The grand guardian of the fandomly threads. It is a magical talking clam from the lost city of Atlantis. What goes on in the threads, all the rules and new threads being made, this personification watches over all. It does its best keep Frank away so that all of the Fandomly can have their fun. If ever something were to go wrong with the threads, Thread-tan would become ill from it.

History of the PersonificationEdit

There has always been talk about a Thread-tan but it was never specifically personified. It took months but then finally an unnamed member would bring up Thread-tan and then create the image of a calm clam as our Thread-tan.

The clam is a reference to the fandomly using "clam" instead of "calm" to describe the thread when members are not spamming or spazzing. It was due to a typo back in the Christmas Event.