New Ven Commsona

Lives in

Other names Miles
Age 15
Birthday 24th September
Favourite Character England and Iceland
OTP AsaKiku, etc.
Other accounts


Ven hasn't been active around the community lately, but he tries his best to show up once every few months. In the past, he used to be very active and is usually one of the survivors of the Asian Hours due to he living in Asia himself.


Ven has been a lurker on the Livejournal Comm and Hetalia Archives many years ago. He didn't join any of the events until Hetaween 2011.



Ven's Commsona with Coury's. Drawn by Cass.

Older Sister: Belu

Neighbours : The Southeast Asians (Other notes: Also a victim of Midori's 2-bit emotes, and Polka's NO POK partner)

Photoshop Tan: ???

Victim of: Seme Curse, Gamer Curse, possibly IC Curse

Role in the fandomlyEdit

Ven used to be called the "Meme Master". Although these days, he is embarrassed by that title and will probably avoid it.


Ven's Commsona drawn by Belu.

Started in Hetaween 2011, when the update with Italy and Germany came in, Ven believed that the black clouds above Italy was Steve due to the fandom discussing about HetaOni before the update. He decided to edit the picture and added Steve into it, causing the start of a meme. Due to that, he continued editing pictures of every update, making more and more memes.

He also contributes to the making of the Birthday Banners on the Comm, though this is no longer done as frequently due to his inactivity.

Role in the Steve WarsEdit

Ven used to be part of the plot team for the War that was abandoned.

During War, Ven is known to be the Lieutenant General, meaning the Third-in-Command, along with Commanderfreddy. He started off giving Steve a diet session in Battle One along with the General and Second-in-Command, Tina . His diet mainly consists of rice, just like a typical Asian.

After a few Battles, he decided to put his Asian food aside and resorted to Computer Viruses. He makes use of Virtual Pets which contains virus and would infect Steve with them.

Examples of the Viruses:

  • Minor Virus #1
  • Major Virus #1
  • Durian Virus
  • Balut Virus

Other AUsEdit

Fandomly Cardverse: The Current King of Diamonds. The details of his role are still under construction.

Pokemon AU: The Arcade Star of the Frontier Brain. His team only contains 3 Pokemon like in the original games, which are Roserade, Umbreon and Togekiss.

Gakuen AU: Student of the Asia Class, President of the crazy Student Council that is always shot. However, he seems to be the only member who is unaffected by the "madness" of the Student Council.

The other AUs can be referred to the AU page itself.

Pairings he supportsEdit

  • AsaKiku
  • HongIce
  • Denarus
  • SuFin
  • AusHun
  • Other fandom ships
  • etc.

Other fandomsEdit

  • Ace Attorney
  • Kagerou Project
  • Dangan Ronpa
  • Devil Survivor
  • Project MBTI


  • Ven is non-binary.
  • Ven loves the colour green and blue. His favourite is turquoise, but more to the green side.
  • Ven is a neat freak. He hates even a single speck of dust.